alwaysAI Smart Retail

Get robust, actionable data, in real-time to create a better fan experience, enhance sponsorship opportunities, and increase revenue.

Customers demand a quick and seamless shopping experience. alwaysAI delivers.

Computer vision enables your existing cameras to quickly identify and interpret objects in the physical world. Count customers in real-time, track where they go in your store, which products they walk-by and engage with, and monitor wait times at check out. Get immediate data about back end operations to improve efficiencies and increase revenue.

Customer Occupancy Counting and Foot Traffic

Speed of Service at Checkouts

Drive-thru Vehicle ID, Counting, & Analysis

Frictionless Checkout

  • Deployed alwaysAI’s application for best-in-class person detection, tracking and analytics, leveraging existing cameras, for specialty retailers like in La-Z-Boy, Miskelly Furniture, and more.​ ​
  • Used object-tracking and custom auto-annotated person detection models to provide an increased level of customer interaction by staff in stores.​
  • Reduced person identification errors from 86 per day to 0 from the existing motion detection systems.

“alwaysAI enables Doorcounts™ to bring cutting-edge technology to market faster. Their computer vision solutions provide the power and flexibility needed to facilitate the transformation retailers everywhere are searching for.”​

Jerry Murphey

President of Doorcounts

  • DTiQ needed to reduce total development and deployment time for AI projects to increase revenue.
  • Deployed alwaysAI Smart Retail solutions to improve drive-thru services for QSR customers like Burger King.
  • Successfully reduced project timelines by 4x for new AI projects to unlock new revenue with more advanced deep learning product offerings.

“Our customers are seeking accurate and reliable real-time data of their operations and processes, this partnership helps DTiQ fast-track its computer vision AI, analytics, IoT, and machine learning solutions to increase value for our 45,000+ customers.”

Krzysztof Osiński

SVP of R&D at DTiQ

POSU logo
  • Deployed contactless checkout kiosks in the Orlando airport and other SSP America locations
  • Worked with POSU to implement an easy-to-use self-checkout system that does not require barcodes or individual item scanning.
  • alwaysAI's best-in-class deep learning AI detects each item type and corresponds the item to a SKU and price for each transaction for unparalleled ease and accuracy.

“alwaysAI helps POSU bring cutting-edge technology to market faster. Our work in computer vision, and especially with alwaysAI, is a great example of how we use innovation to support our customers' success while extending our leadership position.”

Michael Cassidy

CEO of POS Upgrades, Inc

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