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Our full suite of tools help you create a Computer Vision model unique to your needs and optimized for your application.

Your ideas are unique and a pre-trained model may not get you all the way there. No problem: a custom-trained model will take your application to the next level.
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Why Train Your Own

Your ideas are unique, and a pre-trained model may not fit your needs. A custom-trained machine learning model will take your application to the next level.

Why Train Your Own
Model Training in 5 Easy Steps
Step 1: Collect Data
The first thing to do is gather data that contains the object or objects you want to detect. Capture videos or images with your phone, scrape the web, or use our image capture app to generate data.
Once you have compiled data, you need to indicate where the objects of interest are. This is done with an annotation tool. We have incorporated CVAT into the alwaysAI platform so all your tools are in one place.
Once your data is annotated you are ready to train your custom model. Choose from one of our three model frameworks: YOLOv3, MobileNet SSD, or Faster-RCNN. Skip the first two steps by using one of our pre-compiled datasets.
Upload the newly trained model to your personal model repository.
Run your personal model on the edge.
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